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Reconstruction of houses Liliová 8 Řetězová 6


Both buildings were reconstructed as residences, with 34 flats and two spacy lofts, with unique view on the historic Prague. There are 2 inner yards, greater one serves as communication and garden space., the small one is closed by skylight and offers the space to exhibition and culture events. The concierge and hall in the ground floor offers to the residents high standard 24 /24 h services. The space ready for fitness wellness spa in the cellar as the extension of the loft, is privately connected with the loft by lift .

Open corridors have been turned into glassed wooden corridors.

The residence offers top standard calm place to live in the heart of historic Prague.

Here you can see the article from the Estate magazine, and here from Luxury shopping magazine

The interior project has been developed by Aukett s.r.o., furniture and decoration by Versace.





18.06.2014 Oficces and representative spaces for rent in Golden Melon palace, Michalská 12
We offer offices and representative rooms for rent in Golden Melon palace
04.05.2012 Family houses for you
We will soon issue the set of family houses for you, ready to be finished according your wishes
07.01.2011 Investment occasion - villa in Smíchov
Investment occasion - villa in Smíchov
14.12.2010 We will prepare our offer of the services of the architect for free
offer of the services of the architect for free


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